2018/19 Seasonal Tuition may be broken into 10 installments, September through June, or paid in full. 

Tuition is determined by the total amount of hours registered for per week. Tuition is seasonal broken into 10 equal payments. Due by the 1st class of every month.

45 mins-1 hour: $560 / $56
1hour 15mins: $680 / $68
1hour 30mins: $750 / $75
2hours 15mins: $940 / $94
2hours 30mins: $1000/$100
2 hours 45mins: $1080 / $108
3hours: $1130 / $113
3hours 15mins: $1180 / $118
3hours 30mins: $1250 / $125
3hours 45mins: $1280 / $128
4hours: $1300 / $130
4hours 30mins: $1350 / $135
5hours:$1450 / $145
5.5 hours plus: $1600/$160

Installments are due on the 1st class of each month.  Tuition is NON-REFUNDABLE. Full season payments are NON-REFUNDABLE. You may be credited a DK Credit in the event of withdrawal (please see withdrawal policy).

Tuition is not based on the amount of classes per month. It is a set price divided into 10 payments, spread out through the season.

Payments may be made in CASH or CHECK (made payable to DK Dance Studio).
AUTO-PAY is also an option, while accepting all major credit cards, and PayPal. All dance parents/guardians have access to their own Parent Portal where you can pay tuition, see your account and see any upcoming news!
Autopay payments come out on the 5th of each month and must be activated by the parent via the parent portal. 
Late Fee: Tuition paid past the 15th of the month will be charged a $15 late fee. 
Class/Activity participation is subject to suspension if tuition becomes tardy.
There is a returned check fee of $25.00.

Family Discounts: Second student: 10% off, 3rd student: 15% off.
Registration Fee: This is a non-refundable yearly fee that is due at the time of registration. $30 per family.
Costume Fee: This will be for the costume(s) for the spring dance concert. If the costume is more than the costume deposit, billing will be made to the account accordingly. Costume costs include all accessories for costumes: shoe bows, tights, headpieces, props, etc. There are no refunds on costumes. Deposit of $65 is due Nov.1. 
Performance Fee: $70. All dancers participate in the Spring Performance in June. The Performance Fee covers rental, maintenance, dress rehearsal, and all of the associated costs for the performance. *All accounts must be paid up to date in order to participate in the performance
Each dancer will get a tee-shirt with the fee. Each dancer is required to purchase a tee-shirt for the Spring Performance. Additional dancers in the family are $15.