The DK Dance Performance Team is a program at DK Dance Studio for those dancers wishing to pursue dance a little more seriously, and participate in additional performances and competitions. The Performance Team is an invite only program. Once invited, the dancers are required to maintain certain requirements. We aim to teach our dancers to respect themselves and others, work as a team, motivate each other, set goals, be responsible and so much more!

We are very proud to have raised about $1200 to Autism Up!

EMPIRE DANCE CHALLENGE: Kodak Theater, Saturday May 6
Another day to be SO Proud of all of our dancers. They showcased wonderful performances, terrific team work, studio spirit, and respect. We are proud to have these dancers represent DK DANCE! <3

STAR SYSTEMS COMPETITION - April 28-30, Rochester Auditorium Theater
Another wonderful weekend with our Performance Team Dancers! So proud of all of the wonderful accomplishments, but even more so, the improvement! Another weekend filled with more memories made, and wonderful dancing! <3


April 7-9, Imagine Dance Challenge, Center for the Arts, University at Buffalo: 
We are SO PROUD of our Performance Team Levels 3, 4 & 5! They did AMAZING!
Beautiful performances, lots of smiles, laughter, TEAMWORK and memories made this weekend! This TEAM is amazing!! <3

Kristiana Home 4 3/4 Stars, Olivia Saturn 4 1/2 stars, Mya Winter Bird 5 Stars, Alexandra Oops I Did It Again 4 3/4 stars, Alexandra Keaton's Song 4 3/4 stars, Mya & Alexandra Talk Talk  4 3/4 stars.
Level 3: Jet Set, Meant to Fly, Do Your Thing: 4 1/2 stars
Level 4: Unbroken, How Deep Is Your Love: 4 3/4 stars
Level 4: Black Cat Fierce Felines Special Award, 4 3/4 stars
Level 4: Beauty 5 stars, Golden Ticket, Highest Scoring 12 & over Intermediate group
Level 5: Muddy Waters, Tainted Love 4 3/4 stars 
Level 5: Paint It Black 5 stars, 9th overall
Level 5: Bad Wings, 5 stars, 7th overall

League of Champions, April 1,  2017, Kodak Theater, Rochester.

Congrats to the Level 5 Team Dancers on a WONDERFUL representation of DK Dance Studio at Leaugue of Champions Dance Competition!

Paint It Black: High Gold
Tainted Love: High Gold
Dream a Little Dream: High Gold
Muddy Waters: High Gold
Bad Wings: Platinum, Precision Award, 3rd Overall

Alexandra Solo, Oops I Did It Again: High Gold, Personality Award
Alexandra Solo, Keaton's Song: Platinum, 6th overall
Mya Solo, Winter Bird: Platinum, 2nd overall, Choreography Award
Alexandra and Mya, Talk Talk: Platinum, 2nd overall