Dena Kay Botticelli, owner/director/instructor
Wendy Ewin, secretary
Lauren Angell, instructor
Bekka Bennett, instuctor
Chris Collins, instructor
Bri DiLorenzo, instructor
Tayla Kelley, Ballet Instructor
Ally Lindke, instructor
Jill Ross, instructor



We are very proud of the faculty at DK Dance Studio. The well-educated, creative teachers at DK Dance are MOTIVATING, POSITIVE, and eager to share their PASSION of DANCE to all of the dancers. Most classes will also have teaching assistants and demonstrators, which are current dancers, to help with classes and inspire the young dancers.  The faculty is constantly educating themselves at dance teacher seminars, conventions, classes, and their own research to keep up to date with the constant trends of dance and to continue their own personal dance training. The DK Dance faculty works together as a team to make sure our dancers are getting the best education and to demonstrate camaraderie to the dancers.