Our Tiny and Little Dancers have been busy in classes already! :)

Hi everyone!

With the first week of classes under our belts, and heading into week 2, I just wanted to update you on what is going on in the classes. We have been able to speak with someone of the classes, but not all. We are so excited about how we are developing the dance programs for these dancers this year and would love your involvement, also. Even though this is an "extra curricular activity", it is still an important place to learn....in a FUN way! So we aim to keep you up to date with what we are doing in class, in hopes that you can be a little involved. Even if it is just knowing a little of what we are doing for "after dance class conversation on the car ride home" or bringing it up a couple days after class.

The kids all did WONDERFUL with it all week!

We are working with THEMES in our Tiny and Little Dancers classes, which we will follow for 4 week periods. The first theme we are working with is BARNYARD. The dancers all have a sticker chart, that we are keeping in the classroom. On this sticker chart are different movements that the dancers will learn, and once they do, they earn their sticker! It is our goal to get through these movements in the 4 week time frame. Once they fill up their sticker chart, they will get to take it home and then get a new one with the new theme.

With the BARNYARD THEME....we are talking a lot about ...you guessed it...ANIMALS! With animals, comes movement. Mostly all the dance steps and movements we are doing, although technical dance steps, resemble movements of animals. It is awesome to see how quickly the dancers are connecting the movements.
We have taught them the "Bee Hive" song, which is SO fun.
We will be including the book BARNYARD DANCE! by Sandra Boynton in the classes as well, which also has a song that pairs with it and is SO FUN!

This is such a fun THEME and we are so excited to experience this with the dancers. They are responding so great to it!!!

If you ever have nay questions at all, please let us know! We are loving working with your children. :-)

All the best,
Miss Dena, Miss Lauren, and Miss Morgan!