DK DANCE STUDIO offers a variety of dance for many levels and ages. We focus on developmentally appropriate dance education in a positive and friendly atmosphere. When you are part of DK Dance, you are part of a family!

LIMITED CLASS SIZES: We allow 10 students per Tiny Dancer class and 13 students per Little Dancers classes and 15-18 in all other classes. Each class also has a teaching assistant. This allows for more individualized attention in classes.

JUST FOR FUN: We offer many "recreational" dance classes for those who are looking for a fun thing to do, at any age! These classes still work for the end of the year Spring Performance!

PERFORMANCE TEAM: This is an invitation/audition only group who participates in conventions, competitions and extra performances. This team requires extra time and a more intense schedule and class structure.

PLACEMENT: We use age as a general reference. If a dancer excels their ages group, we will place them in the appropriate class and vise versa.

Toddlers (2-3 year olds)

A 45 minute class which includes Ballet, Creative Movement and sometimes a little tumbling. Dancers make use of movement, singing and props while exploring through movement and tapping into the creative intelligence. This constantly moving class is a fun and great way for the young dancers to develop there gross motor and large motor skills, as well as work socially and cognitively! We work towards the dancers coming into the room independently so the dancers can take class on their own. 

Tiny Dancer (3-4.5 year olds or PRE-K) and Little Dancers(5-6 year olds K-1st grade)

An hour long dance class, which includes tap, ballet and creative movement. Little Dance dancers will also have the choice to do Ballet and Jazz class. These dancers learn the basics of dance along with working on age appropriate skills in the cognitive, social and physical areas. The dancers are urged to explore movement through space in a creative way. These dancers also work towards the performance in June where they perform 1 dance.

Mini Recreational (6.5-8 year olds)

This is an hour and a half, where dancers participate in a half hour of Tap, Ballet, and Jazz. These classes are more structured and are geared to introduce the vocabulary of dance. These dancers will work on the fundamentals of dance and its terminology. The dancers performance 2 dances in the Spring Performance.


Junior (9-12) & Teen(13 & up)

These 45 minute classes are more structured and include more information, demand, and terminology. Dancers are at a beginner to intermediate level. Dancers may choose from: Tap, Ballet, Jazz, and Hip-Hop. The dancers performance 1 dance per class for the Spring Performance.


3-5 yr olds: Students will learn basic skills such as forward rolls, tri-pods for headstands, bridges, donkey kicks/pre-handstands, nd cartwheels if applicable. The class includes a proper warm-up and stretch routine that teaches them how to use different muscle groups. After the warmup, we will practice the skills above. and of course the class incorporates fun activities to work on coordination, balance and strength!

6-10 yr olds: This class will include a warm-up/stretch routine, skills practice and conditioning. Additionally, students will learn how (and when) to practice skills independently. The types of acro skills that will be incorporated, depending on each students capabilities, are as follows: forward rolls, bridges and backbends, headstands, handstands, cartwheels and walkovers.